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Welcome to Retrevo’s HDTV Buyer’s Kit (Part 1)
Here’s the first installment of the HDTV Buyer’s kit that you asked us to send you. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sending you more information to help with the entire process of researching, buying and using your new HDTV set. You’ll receive expert advice on what to look for, the best HDTV deals at the moment, how to set up your HDTV for the best performance and a list of the must-have accessories.
The Technology Lifecycle Curve
Use this handy guide to understand which features are old or new.
Buying Advice: HDTV Features That Matter
TV Type: LCD or Plasma
  • LCD TVs are very popular with bright images and plenty of contrast.
  • Plasma TVs offer higher refresh rates and display warmer colors and deeper black levels –the trade off: glare is an issue in brightly lit rooms.
  • Rear projection TVs (RPTV) are less popular these days except maybe for 3D
  • Choose the largest TV that fits your room and your furnishings
  • Larger screens can compensate for standard definition programming which adds black borders and reduces viewable area
  • “i” stands for interlaced
    • interlaced is less smooth than a progressive image
    • takes two “passes” to deliver images
  • “p” stands for progressive
    • the progressive image is smooth
    • delivers the entire screen in one “pass”
  • HDTVs over 37-inches look best with 1080p resolution
  • On HDTVs 37-inches and under, there’s little visual difference between 720p or 1080i sets and the 1080p sets
Refresh Rate
  • Higher refresh rates = more images per second on-screen and a crisp display
  • Recommended refresh rates: 120Hz or 240Hz

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HDTV Buying Guide
These are some of the top features to consider, but there are more features to learn about like backlight technology, HDMI 1.4, and internet connectivity? Check out our complete HDTV Buying Guide.

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