What would a real Apple TV look like?

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What Would a Real Apple TV
Look Like?

Does Apple have a 50-inch LCD TV under development? Here’s what it might look like.
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Augment Your Reality This Summer with these Cool Apps
The golf app is one of the coolest apps we’ve seen this summer and Ben and Jerry’s Moo Vision is cutting edge too.
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Retrevo's Quick Picks
iPod-Ready Car Receivers
Who needs CDs in the car when you have all your tunes on your iPod?
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Best Values in Blu-ray Players
Blu-ray movies are becoming more available and players more affordable.
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Desktops with Lots of Computing Power

You can get a lot of horsepower for your money with the new desktops
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Pocket Camcorders Are Easy to Take Along
Take one of these “straight-to-web” camcorders along on your next vacation. They’re not expensive and you don’t need a monthly data plan. Here’s a roundup from our partners at CEA’s DigitalTips.org.
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Could HDMI Become Obsolete Soon?
A new connection standard was just finalized that could make HDMI obsolete
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HDTV Features That Matter Most
Whether you're buying your first HDTV or third one, here are the features you need to consider.
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Don’t Go On a Summer Vacation Without
One of These Gadgets

Check out this list of useful gadgets that could make your summer fun.
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