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We’ve sent you most of the installments of Retrevo’s HDTV Buyer’s Kit and wonder what you think of it. Could you take a minute to answer five questions about whether you like it or not.
Have you found the HDTV Buyer’s Kit worthwhile so far?
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Getting the Most From Your HDTV
We’ll go over the list of things you should consider doing after you unpack your HDTV.

In case you haven’t seen any of the kit or missed some parts here are the links:
Buying Advice: HDTV Features That Matter
Whether you're buying your first HDTV or third one, here are the features you need to consider.
3DTV Bonus Email
In this special edition of the HDTV Buyer's Kit, you’ll get the latest scoop on 3DTVs, including package deals that come with Blu-ray players and 3D glasses and what’s available to watch.
How to Spot a Solid Deal on HDTVs
We’ll go over some of the latest trends and list some hand-picked deals to get you the most HDTV for your money.

Thanks for helping us make the advice we offer consumers better.

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