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HDTV Buyer’s Kit
Part 3: Now That You Own an HDTV, Here’s What to Do Next
In our previous installment, How to Spot a Solid Deal, we went over best practices for finding an HDTV. If you haven’t bought your HDTV yet, no problem; it’s a good idea to keep this email for when you do. In this installment: six post-purchase ways to get the most from your HDTV.
Adjust Room Light to Eliminate Glare
Plasma TVs are especially prone to glare problems, but LCD TVs can reflect light too. A simple solution: keep reflective light from hitting your screen by closing your drapes or blinds –and it won’t cost you a dime. Also, dimming room lights or adding a soft light behind your TV can help too.
Use High-Definition Cables
How do you get the highest-quality digital video and audio possible? Use an HDMI cable. HDMI 1.4a is the latest version, but you can probably get away with an HDMI 1.3 cable for most programming. Component cables come close to HDMI with 3 separate video connectors (green, blue, and red) that can deliver an HD video signal (analog at 720p or 1080i) and 2 analog audio connectors.

Calibrate, Calibrate, Calibrate

To get the best-looking picture your HDTV is capable of, you need to use a calibration DVD. The good news is, they’re relatively inexpensive and entirely worth it.
Hook Up Surround Sound Speakers
It’s true: half of your home theater experience is sound, so it’s worth investing in high-quality speakers. Consider a soundbar. It’s space-efficient and projects simulated surround sound. A 5.1 home theater speaker system is even better. With a subwoofer for bass you can feel, it physically delivers surround sound by strategically placing speakers around your room.

Mount It

Mounting your HDTV is space efficient, improves your viewing angle, and gives you easy access to ports on the back. Mounts with articulating arms are particularly good for optimize your viewing angle and adding devices, because they extend out from the wall and tilt your TV.
Use One Remote to Rule Them All
Remotes pile up and confuse guests, so pick up a universal remote to control everything. Modern remotes have touch screens and can learn how to perform multiple commands with a single-button. Some connect to your computer to receive web updates and can control up to 18 devices, which, admittedly, may be overkill but you never know.

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In the Next Installment
Must-Have Accessories
We’ll pair you up with accessories that make the difference between watching TV and bringing your HD experience to life.

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