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Behind the Blog –
With Technologizer’s Harry McCracken

Harry McCracken first went online in 1979, at time when most people had not heard of a personal computer, let alone the internet. Harry has served as Editor-in-Chief at PC World, and is the founder of Technologizer.
Harry McCracken's Gadget List
Notebook EEE PC 1000he “I bought this because the battery life is really good and it was like, $375.00.”
Verizon Wireless 3G Card “I’m basically able to get connected almost everywhere.”
Livespeaker “It’s an extremely portable iPhone speaker dock.”
Kindle (2) “I have mixed feelings about the Kindle, but ultimately, I find it useful because I don’t have to take a hardcover book with me on an airplane.”
Panasonic Lumiz T25 “It’s relatively pocketable and has a 10X zoom.”
Celebrity Gadgets
uses the
Motorola Razr
Elijah Wood
uses the
iPod Classic
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