Help Understanding the Community Sentiment

What do These Mean?
The Retrevo Value Assessment
We are the first to derive a fair price for every selling product based on its capabilities and price. Our goal is to empower everyday consumers to find smart buys- even if they don't like to spend time searching products.
Expert and User Opinion Sentiment
Community opinion is a good validation check before deciding to buy a product. Reterevo makes this easy by aggregating ALL the expert and user opinions from all over the web and synthesizing them into a single overall community sentiment
Good Value means a product is selling at a discount to its fair price
Positive means both experts and users like the product
Fair Price means a product is selling at a price in-line with its capabilities
Neutral means reviews and options are mixed or the community is just OK with the product
High Price means a prodcut is selling at a price higher than its fair price
Negative means that both experts and users did not like the product

means we did not have enough credible reviews and input to provide an assessment
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