The Retrevo Real Time Review and Recommendation
The Retrevo Real Time Review is an objective, unbiased analysis of the product.
The key elements of the Real Time Review:
Is this product current? – The Product Lifecycle tells you if this product is new or old
The industry's first lifecycle curve of a product tells a user whether a product is New, Reaching its Prime (right for mainstream buyers), Over the Hill (older product that might work for bargain hunters) or Ready to Retire (almost obsolete). If a product receives a lot of current interest and discussion on the web, it is deemed as Buzzing.
Do people like it?
We are aggregating ALL the expert and user opinions about a product from all over the web, synthesizing and summarizing them into a single overall community sentiment so you get a good validation before buying a product. We always provide more details so you can read the most helpful reviews if you wish.
Is the product a Good Value?
If a product is selling at a discount to its Fair Price, it is assigned a Good Value rating by Retrevo.
The Retrevo Recommendation
The Retrevo recommendation factors in all the data from the Retrevo real time review and produces a recommendation, which can be:
A Retrevo Pick is given only to the best products in their class. A product has to provide exceptional value for its price/features, and be well liked by people to qualify as a Retrevo pick.
A product has to provide good value for its price/features, and be well liked by users to qualify as a ‘Good Buy’.
If a product provides fair value for its price, and neutral customer ratings, it is an Average Buy.
A good value item with poor reviews is something we recommend you do further research on.
If a product does not provide value for its price/features, or if a majority of users do not like it, we consider it our duty to tell you about it. In such cases, Retrevo will advise you not to buy a product.
Is it Time to Buy?
Prices for consumer electronics fluctuate in response to new product introductions and merchandising strategies at various retailers. Retrevo strives to help you evaluate products in the best possible way so you have a good experience with them. We monitor all these product and price changes daily and present our findings in Retrevo's Time to Buy analysis that helps you understand (i) the Average Price to pay for a product based on its feature set, sentiment and comparison to similar products selling in the marketplace, (ii) whether today's price is the best price to pay based on historical prices and projected price swings and (iii) whether you should wait for prices to drop before making a purchase.