HDTV is the future

The Wall Street Journal logo   As mentioned in The Wall Street Journal Special Advertising Section on HDTVs for your digital living room on January 7, 2008

Finally, if you're experiencing paralysis because of the myriad choices available to you, there are many product-review and advisor sites on the web. One in particular, Retrevo.com, stands out: It's a search engine specifically for consumer electronics. The sites formats the information it retrieves into a value map that compares features to price and breaks the products into price categories. It also judges whether the price is fair, high or a good value and tabulates the overall community opinion of the product. It also retrieves buying guides, with synopses, for product categories. Finally, Retrevo searches the Web for daily deals. Only a knowledgeable buddy or personal shopper could do more for you. -- Bill Machrone, The Wall Street Journal (January 7, 2008)