Got spare DTV coupons? Retrevo can get them to those in need

    Well, if you're wondering what to do with those extra cards (they're not exactly suitable for framing), here's a suggestion: send them over to the Retrevo company, which has started a Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange program for DTV vouchers...

Retrevo's staff has been closely following the DTV mess, especially since the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's converter box coupon program went broke..."One of the guys here saw that there's a real need for putting spare coupons together with people who need them," Andrew Eisner, Retrevo's Director of Content. "So we'll take the coupons and we'll match people."

The Retrevo system is pretty straightforward. If you're looking for a coupon, fill in the need form. If you've got a coupon that hasn't reached its 90-day expiration date, fill in the donor form. Based on zip codes, Retrevo will hook you up with someone to whom you can mail the coupons, or who will pick them up, if you're comfortable with that.  more