Rising Interest in Consumer Electronics Could Be First Step Towards Economic Recovery, According to Retrevo Report

Consumer Electronics Market Showing Stability for First Time in 10 Months;
Is the Recovery Closer Than We Think?

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--  The consumer electronics (CE) market is showing signs of sustainable growth for the first time in over a year, according to data from the Retrevo CE Index, an engagement tracking report from Retrevo that maps daily CE trends across 40 categories and more than 4,000 products.

Overall demand for CE products, i.e., the total number of Web searches, has risen dramatically over the last ten months. Even more significant is the fact that demand has been steady in 2009 after seeing major fluctuations through the second half of 2008. With three months of incremental growth and stable demand, the industry may be on its way to recovery.

Echoing the optimism coming from the consumer electronic industry is the recent performance of the U.S. auto and housing markets. Widely recognized as good barometers for consumer confidence, both industries exceeded market expectations in March, with auto sales defying expectations and sales of new single-family homes rising almost five percent. When combined with the sustained growth in the CE industry, there is significant evidence to suggest that the US economy might have reached its nadir and that the recovery might come sooner than previously anticipated.

“While the economy is still in difficult shape, particularly with unemployment approaching historic levels, the fact that several important facets of the economy are rebounding quicker than expected does offer a bit of optimism,” said Vipin Jain, president and CEO of Retrevo. “While it’s far too early to proclaim the recession over, our data suggests that we may have reached bottom and are climbing back up. The CE industry has shown considerable strength in 2009 and stability might very well be the first step towards recovery.”

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