CEO Blog - Social Media: From Adoption to Addiction


By Retrevo's Vipin Jain

While opinions about social media are as diverse as the subjects people tweet about, one thing is certain; more and more people are using and becoming familiar with social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and companies that learn to engage with, or at least monitor their social buzz will be better off than those who burry their heads in the sand.

With the adoption of mobile networks and devices like smart phones, netbooks and the soon-to-be-released iPad, social media has evolved from something people do in front of an office computer, to something they can do from virtually anywhere, even from space. (Don’t believe me, look up @NASA).

Gadgetology Reports Reveals Social Media Trends

Because Retrevo is a web site specializing in consumer electronics information, we conduct regular Gadgetology studies, to find out how consumers use technology in their day-to-day lives.

Our most recent study asked social media users questions such as, when, where, and how much time they spend on sites and services like FaceBook and Twitter. We were not surprised to learn how many people appear to be, shall we say, obsessed with checking in with their social media circles throughout the day and even the night. Not only did we confirm what most people suspect about a new generation of social media users (bordering on abusers), but we also detected an interesting trend where social media is providing many consumers with their morning cup of news... Click Here to read more.