Can’t Get an Apple Laptop? iPod Touch Too Small? Shop For a PC The Easy Way!

While Apple® recently reported its best non-holiday quarter earnings ($8.34 billion dollars in revenue) and while Steve Jobs is apparently “thrilled to have sold over 5.2 million iPhones during the quarter” there are still shoppers in the market who can’t afford the traditionally more expensive price-point presented by the Mac. And, if an iPod touch is too small for you, you're not alone. Retrevo’s recent Gadgetology survey found that 58% of student laptop shoppers are spending under $750.00 and only 18% of them have budgets larger than $1,000.00. Apple’s cheapest laptop starts at around $950.00.

While many people are waiting for Apple’s rumored netbook-like-laptop to come out, sites like Woot, which recently  advertised an Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook for $169.00 (sorry, that was a one-day-only offer) are filling in the gaps that Apple hasn't yet fully adressed. A netbook that's cheaper than the iPod Touch? Now that’s a price-point that’s just hard to beat.


Retrevo to the Rescue
When it comes to computers, there are cheaper alternatives to a new Mac and Retrevo can help you find them. We’ll also help you read their reviews, and get the most for the money you decide to spend.

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