Barcode Scanning and Product Information Application
Before the iPhone 3G S was released the camera on the iPhone lacked some of t he features like short range macro clarity and autofocus needed to make a bar code scanner app work reliably. Now the RedLaser app by Occipital not only takes advantage of the new camera features in the iPhone 3G S but has even made it able to do a decent job of scanning on older phones.

You scan a code and get back results from Google Product Search and Amazon shopping. A similar app has been available on the Android G1 for almost a year. Apparently this app was rejected several times before finally being accepted. It gets high marks from reviewers for accuracy and ease of use. It costs $1.99.

App Store Link to RedLaser

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Is this a paid advertisement?

RedLaser is a horrible barcode scanning application, esp. considering that it boasts being able to scan UPCs with the fixed focus cameras of the original iPhone and the 3G. I have tried it and it has enormous error rate - it will tend to "make up" a barcode rather than admit it cannot recognize it! Give it a try - waste couple of bucks, then leave appropriate review in iTunes store ;-).

A better, free application already exists on iPhone - try "pic2shop". It has no fancy interface but it reliably reads UPCs from distance of about 8" with 1st gen iPhone.

Also, the famed barcode application for Android is called "ShopSavvy" - and based on their blog, they have submitted version for iPhone, so it should be out any day now - personally i am waiting to check it out - it should work well the fixed-focus camera of 1st and 2nd gen iPhone (unlike RedLaser).