Some Good Laptop and Netbook Deals and Some Duds

We've seen a few laptop and netbook deals show up in early announcements and early sales. Walmart has offered an HP 15.6" Pavilion with Windows 7 Home Premium that is supposedly made especially for Walmart for $298. It has an older Celeron processor but Windows 7 Home Premium is worth over $100 right off the bat so we say this is a pretty good deal. Walmart is also promoting an Acer 15.6" Laptop with a more powerful AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core and Windows 7 Home Premium for $348. With Amazon "seeing" Walmart's laptops and matching them this could be the year of a $300 Windows 7 laptop. We're looking for netbook deals and imagine we’ll see some soon however we can almost guarantee they'll have Windows 7 Starter Edition installed which we’re not exactly thrilled with.

Learn how to easily spot deals at the Retrevo Black Friday Resource Center. We have a quick assessment of Black Friday products and deals. You’ll find a list of Black Friday deals that’s updated daily along with links to “real-time” reviews.

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