Can Anything Replace Windows XP As the Best Netbook Operating System?

    Netbook manufacturers, including ASUS, HP and Toshiba, have chosen to put Windows 7 Starter on the newest crop of netbooks and, without a doubt, did so with a push from Microsoft. (Don’t forget about the higher profit margins on Windows 7 netbooks.)  In fact, Retrevo.com, which is similarly evidencing dissatisfaction with Win 7 Starter, reports that 23 of the 28 netbooks on sale at Amazon.com right now are preloaded with Starter edition. And it doesn’t surprise me that Retrevo’s survey on netbooks with Windows 7 Starter found that 54 percent of consumers would be unsatisfied with a new netbook equipped with Windows 7 Starter Edition because of limitations in the OS.  I am, without a doubt, in the same camp as that 54 percent... Click Here to read more.