The Year in Gadgets
It’s been quite a gadget year. Windows 7 officially shipped after a long beta period, the DTV transition gave a lot of people a good excuse to buy a new TV, netbooks with their long battery life were a big hit, e-Book readers got a lot of attention, the number of iPhone Apps grew astronomically, LCD TVs with high refresh rates and LED backlighting outsold Plasma TVs, and the rumors continue to fly on an Apple tablet. Here’s a sample of some of our most popular and favorite Retrevo articles this year.
HDTV is one of the hottest categories on Retrevo so it was only natural that an article on HDTV mistakes to avoid and another on how to make your HDTV look better were very popular articles.
The popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch has created a huge market for apps and accessories. The gang at Retrevo had some fun picking out the Strangest iPhone Accessories Part One and Part Two along with this list of the Ten Dumbest iPhone Apps and the Coolest iPhone Apps.
The environment was the topic of many conversations this year and a lot of attention is being paid to greener gadgets. This article offers some tips and tools to help make your life with gadgets greener
The E-book reader category saw some impressive growth this year starting with the Kindles and followed by new readers from Sony and others. We put together a roundup that lists the major players at the moment.
We started a series of interviews where we asked some well known personalities in the industry and publishing to give us a show and tell of the gadgets they take along with them on the road.

Robert Scoble

Guy Kawasaki

Alice Hill

Craig Newmark
Pico pocket projectors are very cool. We saw some at CES last year and wrote a roundup a few months later. Six months later (last month) we took a look at them again and found some new products.
Retrevo’s Pulse and Gadgetology study combined to provide some interesting insight into trends and consumer behavior like this fun profile of a typical iPhone owner
Over the summer our Pulse data led us to conclude that consumers were taking to the road this past summer. The popularity of GPS devices and Radar Detectors led to this roundup of GPS-based radar detectors.
Way back in March, we took a guess at some of the features we might expect in an Apple Tablet. The rumors continue to grow about a new Apple device due sometime in 2010.
Next Stop CES 2010
We’ll be scouting the crop of gadgets and gear at this years CES show coming up in early January. We expect to see lots of 3DTV products and news, more e-Book readers, lots of new smartphones, new Win 7 multitouch devices, bigger and better high definition TVs, and more.