Are Consumers Warming Up to Shopping
On Their Mobile Phones?
The latest Retrevo Pulse Report looks at how consumers feel about shopping on their mobile phones and how they are reacting to advertising on these devices. The good news for merchants is that consumers appear to be warming up to researching and shopping with their mobile phones. The bad news is that many consumers appear to be turned off and are tuning out mobile ads.

Younger Shoppers Doing It On Their Mobile Phones

Although many shoppers across all age groups responded positively when asked if they do their product research on their phones, many more, or 50% of shoppers under the age of 35 indicated they have done so.

Many Click the “Buy” Button on Their Phones

Comparing prices and locating a store on your phone is one thing, actually completing the transaction is another. The study found an impressive 15% of the under 35 year old shoppers have made a purchase using their phones.

And They Like It!

Another good sign for the future of mobile shopping is the number of respondents who said they had a good experience. Only 8% said they didn't have a good experience compared to 59% who said they found the shopping information they were looking for.
Ads on Mobile Phones Need More Work
When asked about responding to ads on their mobile phone 30% of those under 35 said they found the ads irritating. That number goes up to 40% among the over 45 year olds. As the old advertising saying goes 50% of ads don't work…it looks like advertisers on mobile devices have a ways to go to even get to 50% with only 20% of the under 35 year olds in the study indicating they have responded to an ad on their mobile phone. Mobile phone ads will have to be geo-targeted, personalized, entertaining and very useful in order to overcome this apparent resistance to them.

Consumers under 35 years old appear to feel more comfortable with shopping on their mobile phones with over half of them saying they have used their phones to research products. We were also surprised to see how many of that same group said they had also made a purchase on their phone. On the other hand, many phone users indicated they don't care for ads that are appearing on their phones.

By Andrew Eisner, Retrevo's Director of Community and Content

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About Retrevo's Pulse Report

The Retrevo Pulse Report is an ongoing study of people and electronics from the consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo.com. Data for this report came from a study of more than 1,000 randomly selected Retrevo users in February 2010. The sample was distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. Most questions had a confidence interval of 4% at a 95% confidence level.

*Please note: Retrevo is not a retailer. It is a consumer electronics marketplace that helps people make confident buying decisions.

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