Unusual and Fun Summer Gadgets
While we were collecting gadgets for our list of cool summer gadgets to use on your summer vacation, we discovered a few interesting and creative gadgets that we would like to share with you.
Metal Detecting Sandals ($59.95)
You never know what's hidden beneath the sands. Who knows, you might find an old Spanish Doubloon but more likely an old tin can. We read that as metal detectors these sandals have some limitations but if you want to spend $60 on a pair of these and stroll down the beach, we say happy prospecting.
Universal Gadget Wrist Charger ($34.99)
You wear this battery pack on your wrist and attach a cable from it to a device you want to charge like a phone or MP3 player. We're sure you'll even build up strength in your arm from the added weight. It's available from ThinkGeek for $34.99 and comes with connectors for many popular phones including the iPhone.
Swim Goggles with Built-in Headlights
Swimming in dark murky waters can be challenging unless of course, you have some way of illuminating your underwater surroundings. This Wild Planet Outdoor Antics Aqua Light Mask is available from Amazon for a mere $16.89.
Waterproof Your DSLR ($130)
Aquapac says their case will fit most SLR cameras. It has a hard plastic optically-clear lens that should help produce clear pictures underwater. They say it’s good down to 15 feet and will float to the surface if it gets away from you.
Talking Meat Thermometer
You should never overcook anything on the grill if you have one of these talking thermometers to tell when something’s done. You can buy this Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbecue Thermometer from Amazon for around $38.
Fish Finding Watch($75)
This watch won’t tell you where the nearest fish ‘n chips restaurant is but it could tell you if there are any fish in the water. The remote sonar sensor (RSS) goes in the water and reports back to the watch about what’s going on underwater. Reviews are generally positive from fishing kayakers to other fishing enthusiasts. It costs around $75.
Your Own Personal Air Conditioner
The next time someone tells you to cool off you can whip out your “Handy Cooler” and chill. It works with evaporating water and a fan. You can buy the handheld version for around $50 or add a kit for use with a baby stroller.
Turn Your Helmet into a Speaker ($119)
The Tunebug Shake uses your helmet as a big speaker to provide a unique surround sound experience. It connects to an MP3 player or a phone through Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm jack.
Polaroid Cameras Are Still Fun ($199)
Even though phones and cameras with large high resolution displays are great ways of sharing photos, you can’t beat a hard copy right off the printer. The Polaroid PoGo is a 5 MP camera with a built-in printer that turns out 2 x 3-inch sticky-backed photos.
Have a Gadgetastic Summer!
Retrevo wishes you a happy and healthy summer. Don’t forget to check out Retrevo where you’ll find reviews and manual for all the latest gear and gadgets including HDTVs laptops, digital cameras, GPS and more.

Retrevo.com is one of the largest consumer electronics review and shopping sites in the world, helping people decide what to buy, when to buy, and where to buy. Retrevo uses artificial intelligence to analyze and graphically summarize more than 50 million real-time data points from across the web to give shoppers the most comprehensive, unbiased, up-to-date product information they need to make smart, confident purchasing decisions for electronics.

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