Metro Area Gadget Awards
Which major metropolitan areas in the United States stand out for gadget distinctions? This report from the 2010 Gadget Census presents awards to the metro areas that stand above the rest for gadget ownership and gadget use. The Gadget Census collected data from over 7500 households about what gadgets people own and how they use them. For this report Retrevo analyzed per capita gadget data to determine which metro areas deserve to be recognized over the others. Without further ado, on with the awards…
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And The Winners Are…
Emerging Technology Owners
(Winner New York Metro)

If you agree with us that owning gadgets like iPads, netbooks, smartphones, and Blu-ray players makes someone further ahead on the gadget curve than CRT and VCR owners than you won’t argue with our selection of New York as the metro area with more households with emerging tech.
Old Technology Owners
(Winner Phoenix Metro)

If smartphone and netbook ownership makes someone more current with the gadget scene, gadgets like film cameras, feature phones, CRT TVs and VCRs can mark a consumer as somewhat behind the times. Our winner for the metro area with the most households where you’re most likely to see 12:00 flashing on a VCR is Phoenix, Arizona.
Being Green with Gadgets
(Winner SF Bay Area)

Being green with gadgets not only means recycling your old gadgets but it also means have more energy efficient gadgets in your household like flat panel TVs. It didn’t surprise us that all those tree huggers in San Francisco helped it come out on top as the greenest gadget households.
Media Streamers
(Winner SF Bay Area)

San Francisco scores another award as the metro area having the most households streaming everything from music to TV shows. We’re not sure if DirecTV should give up on the Bay Area but it looks like lots of folks on the West Coast are getting their TV online.
TV Fanatics
(Greater Atlanta)

This award goes to the metro area with households that have an exceptional love affair with TVs. Households here have more TVs in more places in the house (yes, TVs in the bathroom and garage). They record the most shows and watch the more TV than other areas. And the winner is…the Atlanta metro area.
About the Gadget Census

This census was conducted online from March, 2010 through July, 2010 and received over 7,500 individual responses from Retrevo users distributed across gender, age, and location. Responses were weighted based on reported demographics to gain accurate estimations of gadget ownership and usage within and across demographics. All data is therefore reported as weighted data in which most responses have a confidence interval of +/- 4% at a 95% confidence level.

The Emerging Technology award was determined by the most iPads, Netbooks, Smartphones, and Blu-ray players per capita. Old Technology was given for the most feature phones, VCRs, CRTs, and film cameras per capita. The Being Green award was based on the highest rate of gadget recycling, the lowest rate of throwing gadgets away, and CRTs vs. LCDs per capita. The Media Streamers award was given to the metro area with the highest percentage of people who had canceled their cable subscriptions and the percentage that relied on streaming as the primary source of music, movies, and TV. The TV Fanatics award went to the highest per capita number of home theater systems, TVs in the kitchen, bathroom, or garage, more than three TVs per home, and the percent of people who record TV.

For more about the Gadget Census and the methodology, go to Retrevo’s Gadget Census

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