11 Apps to Pass Time on a Holiday Trip
Here are a few applications to download before leaving on that long flight or drive to visit your extended family. Most of the apps that follow are some of the most popular games available - because you’re on vacation, and at the end of the road are the only people in the world who can make you completely crazy - so it’s time to do something mindless and fun.
The ambient, elegant world of Osmos has made the transition to iPhone and iPad. This game has the paradoxical ability to challenge and relax all at the same time, which might be a welcome distraction if you have a car full of children.

Bejewelled has many incarnations, all ridiculously addicting and guaranteed to keep you completely glued to your phone.

A free application that provides users with a variety of television channels in multiple languages. It’s not quite HBO, but it will provide a change of pace to reading and game play.
Angry Birds

There’s a reason that this has been at the top of the best selling apps list for so long. Use a slingshot to fling the angry birds at the egg-stealing pigs. Yes, it sounds utterly ridiculous. It’s also utterly awesome.


It’s Scrabble. On your phone. What more do I have to say.

Issuu Mobile

A convenient and reasonably affordable way to access your favorite magazines and newspapers on the go.

Plants vs Zombies

Hands down one of the best tower defense games available. Defend your house from brain-eating zombies by strategically placing an assortment of plants to defeat them.

Audible Audiobook Player

For those who find reading on your phone to be uncomfortable – Audible provides a wide variety of audio books for download.


Yes, it’s essentially a single little man running maniacally (for reasons I’ve never figured out) through a beautiful monochromatic city, and all you have to do is tap to make him jump. But I dare you not to start over, nearly every single time, after you smash into a wall.

Fruit Ninja

It turns out that using a touch screen to slice and splatter juicy fruit all over the place is really, really satisfying. The game is also surprisingly challenging, and with a new multiplayer mode on the iPad it’s a great way to keep your kids entertaining each other and out of your hair.


This hugely popular location-based social networking app will eat up hours of time if you let it. Let your friends know where you are at any given time, see where they are and what they’re doing, unlock rewards for trying new things and going to new places.

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