Upcoming iPad Competitors
When the Moto Xoom and Galaxy Tab arrived last year, many said that 2011 would be the year of the Android tablet, but no tablet thus far has managed to offer much competition for the iPad. Here are a few cool new tablets that aim to dethrone the iPad – or at least make their mark on the tech world.

With the passing of IFA 2011, we saw a bunch of unique and exciting tablets announced. We picked five devices that looked promising, each with their own strengths. The Lenovo A1 was just announced and is an inexpensive tablet which comes with full Google app support. If you want to shell out for a premium product, look into the Sony P, which comes with two hi-res touchscreens in a clamshell design. If you want to cut cake with your device, look no further than the Toshiba AT200, the thinnest tablet around. The Samsung Galaxy Note attempts to combine a tablet and smartphone into one. These are all great choices, but you may want to wait for the rumored Amazon tablet, which critics say could be the device Android users have been waiting for.

Lenovo A1
Lenovo announced the A1 tablet earlier this month and slapped on a breezy $199 price tag, likely making Motorola Xoom owners weep across the country. Despite the price, this 7” device is actually quite impressive and its specs allow it to be used like a full-functioning tablet. It runs an older version of Android (Froyo 2.3) but is fully stocked with Google apps such as Gmail, Market, and Maps (a feature noticeably absent from some other competing tablets). It’s got a pretty speedy 1GHz processor and a surprisingly crisp 1024 x 600 display (which is close to the iPad by the way). What’s interesting about the A1 is how clearly it wants to distinguish itself from the iPad - it’s a different size, different price, and a completely different machine. It’s an interesting tablet with a very attractive price tag and Lenovo is proving itself to be a worthy and wily competitor in the emerging market of tablet computers.
Sony P
At IFA 2011, Sony revealed details on their long-awaited P (formerly S2) tablet, which hopes to bring a level of premium on par with Apple’s iPad 2. What sets this apart from the competition is the Sony P’s dual 5.5” screen setup – strangely reminiscent of the Nintendo DS. It’s powered by Nvidia’s familiar dual-core Tegra 2 processor and is expectevd to ship with Honeycomb 3.2 – one of the first tablets expected to make the jump. Sony has offered $200,000 towards the developer who can best take advantage of the dual screens which will hopefully give the tablet some nice apps straight out of the box. The Sony P is expected to be released around November for an estimated price of $499.
Toshiba AT200
Another interesting tablet release at IFA 2011 was the Toshiba AT200, which has been touted as the thinnest Android tablet around. It is unbelievably thin, coming in at 7.7 mm, a full 1.1 mm thinner than the iPad 2, which seems to be the tablet by which all other tablets are compared to nowadays. Its lean profile hides a powerful 1.2 GHz TI OMAP processor, a gigabyte of RAM, and also has a nice 10” LCD screen. It’s expected to be released later this year with an price tag to be announced.
Samsung Galaxy Note
This is either a brilliant idea or an epic fail, and only time will tell since it isn’t shipping and we’re not even sure if it will. Samsung’s newest Android-running offering attempts to bridge the gap between smartphone and tablet, encouraging the user to carry only device. It has a typical set of smartphone features, plus an extra-large, Super AMOLED 5.3inch display and a pressure-sensitive stylus for taking notes, drawing, and navigating.
Amazon 7” Tablet
A tablet from online retailer Amazon.com has been rumored for months and speculators have commended Amazon’s plan to hopefully reverse the current trend of generally lackluster Android tablet sales and bring forth a competitor to the illustrious iPad. See our full run-down of the new Amazon Tablet.

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No mention of the Le Pan

No mention of the Le Pan mode de vie? Ipad specs running Froyo (Ice Cream Sandwich promised early next year) for half the cost of ipad. Oh, and 2012 likely won't be good for either Android or ipad thanks to Windows 8.

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On my iPad2 now and I seriously don't see anything topping it. I tried them all and it was the best of the best. Sorry but the Android market is a complete joke. I hope the person that found my Android based tablet in the garbage enjoys it!

I-pad? why?

Well.thank God there are alternatives to ipad! I recently bought bought an Acer A500 with way more features than that apple thingy : full compliment of ports, expandable memory, etc. Not to mention $200 less. I didn't see how having a fruit for a logo would do anything for me. Some people can't grasp the concept of apple not being the Alpha and the Omega. But, I guess if all you need is a pretty apple on the back and limited storage then they can have the one I never would have purchased. Also the Acer is built here in the U.S. by Americans for Americans--Go U.S.A.!!! All others ;go suck an egg-you lose.

I think you left out the

I think you left out the ASUS Transformer and upcomming Trasformer 2 (First Tegra 3 product) with a price under IPAD 2 and more advance capabilities.