What Happened to the iPhone 5?
On Tuesday October 4th Apple announced the next generation iPhone. Although the new iPhone 4S has some amazing new capabilities there are still some reasons to be disappointed. In fact, we suspect there might be an iPhone 5 getting prepped for introduction sometime next year. Should you commit to a new two year contract or wait it out for an even better iPhone 5? Here are some reasons to wait or consider an Android phone that already has these features.
Apple dismissed 4G, the successor to 3G connectivity, claiming improvements in their 3G connectivity including new antenna technology can result in a 2x download speed improvement from 7.2Mbps to 14.4Mbps. We have no reason to doubt Apple in this claim however in the real world 3G date rates typically run around 1 Mbps while new 4G LTE data rates run 10 times that at 10Mbps. Even HSPA+ can run 8Mbps in real world tests. We’ve been told that current 4G phone implementation requires an extra chip to handle voice and SMS over 3G and can reduce battery life. We also hear new, more integrated, chips are on the way. Maybe that’s what Apple was waiting for.
Larger Screen
The 326 ppi Retina display was a sensational feature when it was first introduced a year and a half ago on the iPhone 4 and it is still has a higher pixels per inch than most smartphones that we’re aware of. The problem is competitive smartphones broke the 4-inch screen size barrier a while ago. Smartphones  like the Samsung Galaxy S II with its 4.3-inch AMOLED display only has 316 pixels but it has a 1280 x 720 resolution compared with the iPhone 4S’ 960 x 640.
Slimmer Design
Samsung has been touting the fact that its Galaxy S II is slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 4. That was all supposed to change when Apple introduced a slimmer and lighter iPhone 5. Instead we got a faster and better iPhone in the same old case. Where is Apple’s legendary designer Jony Ive when you need him? We guess the good news is that all your old iPhone 4 cases will work on your new iPhone 4S (if you decide to upgrade) but the bad news is no one will be able to tell you have the latest, coolest iPhone.
NFC Mobile Wallet
Although it appears the average consumer is not as interested in NFC (near field communication), the underlying technology behind mobile wallets, as some would like but we feel it still has a lot of promise to make you a more informed and frugal shopper. Not only does NFC allow you to make “contactless” payments but you can use it for all kinds of shopping resources like coupons and product info. We hope Apple will turn the next generation iPhone into a mobile wallet and add NFC to it.
Should You Wait?
If you have an iPhone 3GS and your contract is up we think the iPhone 4S is a safe bet. If the Siri “Assistant” works as well in the real world as it did in the demos it could be reason enough to upgrade to a 4S. On the other hand, if you’re contract is up and you can shop around for any phone there are some attractive iPhone competitors coming from the likes of HTC and Samsung like the Vigor or Prime and the newest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) should start to appear on some of them. We know it’s a tough choice as many of us here at Retrevo are agonizing over the same decisions. Let us know what phones you are considering and why.

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iPhone 4S

I bet you would also recommend buying a Windows computer with the new Windows 8. Oh, I guess it isn't available yet, not for a year. No worry, I'm sure it will be every bit as good as Mac 10.7. It's not the phone, it is the user experience. Apple haters don't get it, never will, I am sad to say. Apparently you are more interested in being "cool"--"bad news is no one will be able to tell you have the latest, coolest iPhone." I don't care what other people think of my phone, I am more concerned what I think of my phone!


iPhone 4S

I've had a LOT of cell phones (being older than most of you), and really like the 4 case. The emotional insecurity out there is astounding, if you are worried about OTHERS being more "wowed" by your new iPhone than YOU are. Astounding. And so, so stupid. Personally if the 4S has serious upgrade features such as a dual-core processor and some kewl new apps like Siri, I will give heavy thought to trading up, contract or not. What YOU think of MY phone... geez, get a life.

Newer, better phone next year?

Really? If I wait there might be something better next year? Bold prediction!


Galaxy S II

And why you ask? I've owned the iPhone and hate everything about it; besides, they don't call the Galaxy S II the iPhone Killer for nothing... Ok fanboys, start flaming me for hating on the iPhony...

iPhone 4s

I will wait for the iPhone 5 after speaking with Verizon. I was ready to purchase the 4s however Verizon tells me that if I do and extend my contract another 2 years, if the 5 comes out during that 2 year period, which I am sure it will, I will have to pay full retail to purchase it. Unless I switch carriers, which I don't want to do, or pay an exhorbitant price for an unlocked phone, I will wait.

Iphone4s for me

I have been tempted by the new crop of android phones. However I haven't been too unhappy with the iOS and I look forward to getting a faster phone than my aging 3G that takes a long time sometimes to open or switch apps I feel the need for speed.

Iphone 4s. 4 Steve

I think it was the iphone5 and knowing he was dying
They changed it to 4s(teve) which I believe
Will make it a collectors item

Yeah dude, that is way out

Yeah dude, that is way out there. Are you from Boulder?

Uh, no.

"I think it was the iphone5 and knowing he was dying
They changed it to 4s(teve) which I believe
Will make it a collectors item"

That's the silliest thing I've read about the iPhone yet.

I believe you simply lack a

I believe you simply lack a functioning sense of humour.

I also believe that the 4s WILL become a bit of a collector's item, if only because it was the last iThingy to be released while Steve Jobs was still alive (and likely still had some direct involvement with).

LOL! That's at least as

LOL! That's at least as silly ... my comment says nothing about my sense of humor and no one (other than you) is associating this version of the iPhone with Jobs ... in fact, a lot of people have said that, if Jobs hadn't resigned, we would have seen an iPhone 5.

I agree! I think they

I agree! I think they weren't ready for the 4G yet and holding off till an April release of iPad 3 and iPhone 5 with all the new bells and whistles.
Plus it gives them time to perfect Suri! Right now,, on 4s.. Suri is more of a Beta test than anything.
The worst past for iPhone 4 users is they will not be eliglible for the phone upgrade in 6-8 short months and be stuck with the old body style and that's really going to cause a stink!


WoW! Collectibles!

Totally agree! Those Apple IIc's and Mac's are just prized collector's items. iPad 4S is just destined for the Apple Hall of Fame:)

I'm revved up to get one at half price right after the iPad 5's are on the market, or should I wait for the iPad 6?

No worries, I never become confused between collectibles, junk and relics???? LOL

iPhone 5

Get the 4S at a good price. The IPhone 5 will have a higher price tag?


Just want to address the slimmer design section above. The iPhone 4 design is a work of art. Period. It's a design that can stand the test of time. Comparing it to the Samsung's design is like comparing Westvleteren beer to Keystone Light. I use no case at all or, if I'm traveling, a very minimal, clear bumper on my iPhone 4, simply because it's beautiful and should be appreciated. Read that last phrase again, dude.

Moving on, "the bad news is no one will be able to tell you have the latest, coolest iPhone". Seriously? Gadget expert, Andrew, actually had this thought pop into his head and then decided to publish it to the world? Because you apparently care what other people think about you in terms of the gadgets glued to your hands, you have, for me, scant credibility remaining.


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