Bluetooth 4 in iPhone 4S
If you want to have the first phone to feature the newest version of Bluetooth, you should consider picking up a new iPhone 4S. One of Bluetooth 4’s biggest features is low energy use which makes it more desirable for portable devices including fitness and health monitors, remote sensors, and of course, mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. The new Bluetooth can send out frequent “update” pulses to other Bluetooth 4 devices without using a lot of power. We should see more Bluetooth 4-equipped gadgets in the coming months.
Kodak Takes Flip’s Place and Goes Underwater
The new Kodak Playfull pocket camcorder costs around $100. It’s thin and light (3 oz.) and captures 720p video to an SD card. Similar to the Flip it has a handy USB connector that pops out for easy use but one of the coolest features is the fact that it’s waterproof and good to ten feet underwater.
FIFA 12 From Electronic Arts
The latest version of FIFA is out. Some reviewers say it’s not perfect but most agree it’s visually striking and reflects an appreciation for the sport of soccer. According to one reviewer, the two player mode is what makes this game really shine.

New iPod Nano Has Some Cool New Features
The new iPad nano is not only cheaper than before; $129 for 8GB and $149 for 16GB but it also has some new features including an accelerometer which can track your workout using a service from Nike. The new iPod nano runs for 24 hours on a charge, includes an FM tuner and features a new multi-touch gesture UI. You can also use a mic/earphone set to control you iPod with voice commands.
Bose Mobile Soundbox and Home Soundbar
We’ve been noticing a lot of TV commercials for the new Bose wireless speaker device for hooking up gadgets like iPhones to Bose’s portable external speakers which is called the Soundlink Mobile and costs around $350 but Bose has also introduced a new soundbar called the Bose CineMate Soundbar System which costs around $1500 and provides simulated surround sound in a speaker bar that fits nicely under your wall mounted HDTV set and includes a wireless subwoofer too.
New Nikon Micro Four Thirds Camera
Some call them mirrorless cameras but until now, micro four thirds cameras which are smaller and lighter than DSLRs have only been available from manufacturers like Panasonic and Olympus. Nikon has announced it will offer two cameras, the J1 for $650 and the V1 for $900. Lenses will be interchangeable between them and Nikon will also offer an adaptor for your Nikkor lenses.

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The new Kodak Playfull

The new Kodak Playfull pocket camcorder costs not so much.