How to Avoid Gadget Buyer's Remorse




Q: I was thrilled with my new laptop—until a better model hit stores two weeks after I got it. How can I avoid this kind of buyer's remorse?

A: Of the countless tech-related questions I get from friends and family, one towers above all others: "When is the next iPhone coming out?" My answer is always the same: "I don't know. But I have a pretty good guess!"

At the heart of this question is a fear shared by all would-be gadget buyers: that something better is just around the corner, so buying now would be foolish. But if not now, when?

There is a small but fertile online industry dedicated to answering precisely this question, and the sites that algorithmically answer your when-to-buy queries work quite well. Retrevo (retrevo.com) monitors activity at online retailers, news wires and review sites to compile a dossier on virtually every gadget in the world, including comparative price information, reviews and—crucially—a chart showing how far along a gadget is in its life cycle: "new," "reaching its prime," "over the hill" or "ready to retire." Click Here to read more.