The Future of Shopping: Talking Shelves! No Check-Out Lines! Virtual Reality!




By Vipin Jain, CEO & Co-Founder of Retrevo.com

Meeting the customer's needs is arguably the first rule of running a successful retail business, and with the adoption of today's smartphones and various mobile technologies, retailers have an opportunity to serve their customers like never before. However, instead of embracing their digital destiny, many well-known stores are instead losing customers to tech-savvy online retailers such as Amazon.com. Often, in-store shoppers aren't even waiting until they get home to go online and shop elsewhere--they're doing it from their cell phones, right there in the store.

A recent study published by the consumer electronics and shopping Web site Retrevo found that 43 percent of smartphone-toting shoppers have downloaded a retailer's app but that only 14 percent of these shoppers have actually used it to help purchase an item. If you are a retailer, you have to ask yourself, what's the point of having an app if 86 percent of the installed base has never used it?

The problem is that most retailer apps don't actually do anything, or at least not enough. And that's a shame because there are new technologies that are available now--or will be soon--that have the potential to transform the humdrum shopping experience into something delightful and engaging. Here's a preview of your shopping future. Click Here to read more.