Kindle Fire Hands-On Reviews Appear
The Kindle Fire is starting to appear in stores as well as in the hands of reviewers. Early reviews are mixed; some say it’s an adequate device for most tablet-like tasks and worth the $200 price. Others praise it more, describing its solid feel (similar to the RIM PlayBook) while others like David Pogue the sometimes Apple booster at the NY Times gave it a lukewarm review. On Amazon.com itself users reviews are mostly positive with some reviewers complaining about things like lack of apps, sluggish performance, lack of things like a home and back button and widgets to tell you battery status along with some issues with touch sensitivity. Many reviewers discourage comparing the $200 Fire with the $500 iPad 2.
Apple Will Replace Your Original iPod Nano
The original iPod Nano was released six years ago but apparently, batteries from one of Apple’s suppliers can overheat and in rare instances “pose a safety risk” which we assume means either you can get burned or it can catch fire. If you bought your Nano between September 2005 and December 2006 you might want to check Apple’s web site to see if your are eligible for a replacement Nano. One rumor we heard said that Apple will be replacing the old Nanos with refurbished versions of the latest Nano while Mashable reported that they heard from Apple that the replacement will be the same first generation Nanos.
Polaroid Is Back
Polaroid has enjoyed great success over the years but the digital camera has certainly taken its toll on their business. With the new Z340 Instant Digital Camera, Polaroid hopes to bring back the days of instant prints by incorporating a printer into a 14MP camera. The $300 Z340 uses a “Zink” printer that uses special paper with embedded dye crystals that get activated by heat reminiscent of old thermal printers. A 30-pack of Zink 3 x 4-inch paper goes for $19.99 which is about $.60 a picture.
First U.S. HTC Smartphone With Beats Audio
Verizon is selling a new smartphone from HTC that has some impressive specs including an 8MP camera and 4G LTE. Reviewers have been impressed with the 4.3-inch LCD display displaying 1280 x 720 resolution in a pixel density that rivals Apple’s Retina display. This is also the first HTC phone in the US that includes Beats Audio which should provide some good sound quality especially in the bass notes. Currently 4G LTE phones have a reputation for poor battery life possibly due to the necessity for an extra radio chip to handle voice. We’ll be interested to see if this phone can provide longer battery life.

Latest Micro Four Thirds Panasonic Camera
The new GX1 from Panasonic will cost you quite a bit more than a point and shoot camera but it could be worth the $700 - $950 if you want a 16MP camera with good low light sensitivity and interchangeable lenses.

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Not even a good Kindle

Pogue of the Times is also a "sometimes" Amazon, Microsoft, and Technology "bosster.." he now goes out of his way, bends over backwards not to be perceived as an Apple fanboy. In other words, he often gives Apple's competitors way too much credit. The fact is, read a few more reviews and you'll see that Pogue was being kind.

In Pogues Defense

I'm sure David would appreciate you sticking up for him and I agree with you the it appears like he has been making an effort to be more agnostic but I think most will agree that he and Mossberg at the Journal have long histories of showering praise (much of it deserved) on Apple products. Mossberg was a close friend of Jobs and Pogue makes a living writing books llike the Missing Manual for the iPhone - just makes it harder to be objective, in my opinion.