Retrevo’s Hand-Picked Holiday Gadget Gifts
This year we picked some gadgets that we think will appeal to most tech enthusiast and all cost in the $30 - $150 range. Most of these we’ve tried ourselves and can recommend them with confidence.
Two Bluetooth Headsets That Work With the iPhone 4S and Siri
Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

This new headset from Plantronics may look a little bulky but we can tell you it’s one of the most comfortable headsets around. It’s very light weight and never feels like it’s going to fall off your ear. It’s also easy to change from one ear to the other. It has excellent sound quality and is very easy to set up and use. You can use it to make calls, ask Siri, or listen to streaming content like music or podcasts. In fact, although it’s not stereo it can be better for listening to podcasts or music around the house than a corded headset and the battery lasts a very long time. You can find it for under $100.
Sound ID SIX

This headset is made with Carbon Fiber and feels light and comfortable on your ear and looks stylish too. It includes its own voice recognition commands but you can still use it with Siri. A very handy app for your smartphone not only tells you how much battery you have left but also lets you change the settings. It costs $129.99 from SoundID
Hauppauge WinTV Aero-m
This $50 USB TV Tuner can turn your laptop into an HDTV set using free, over the air signals. It will also tune in stations using the new ATSC M/H (mobile, handheld) that is optimized for watching TV while on the go like on a moving bus. Even in our less than optimal viewing area we were surprised by how many stations it picked up including all those secondary stations you can now get over the air and the HD stations really look impressive on a laptop with super crisp images and great sound.
Microsoft Touch Mouse
This new wireless mouse from Microsoft is designed to be used with Windows 7. You move it like a mouse but control various functions using multi-touch gestures. It works well and looks good too. It costs less than $50.
SRS Labs iWOW-3D
This “sound enhancer” plugs into your iPod, iPhone, or iPod and adds a dimension to any speakers or headphones you plug into the audio jack. The difference is quite remarkable when it’s on although there is the extra drain on the battery issue and that annoying indicator light to deal with. It costs around $50.
Mophie Juice Packs
For just under $100 you can double the battery life of your iPhone and protect it too. It’s surprising how light these are considering how much battery is in them. The new “outdoor” addition comes in an outdoorsy orange color and includes a year’s subscription to a trail mapping service. For more power without the case, you might want to consider the new Juice Pack Powerstation which can charge any USB device with its 4000mAh battery. Considering an iPhone has around a 1400mAh battery you should be able to get a lot of hours with the Powerstation which is also surprisingly small and light. It costs around $80.
Griffin Technology RoadTrip HandsFree

In-car, FM transmitters have gotten a lot better. These devices always work better outside a metropolitan area where it’s easier to find an “empty” slot but this is one of the best of the lot. The cradle, charger and controls make it even more versatile and in Griffin Technology style is nicely designed. The RoadTrip costs just under $100.

Altec Lansing iMT630 Speaker Dock

We’re big fans of speakerdocks and this new one from Altec Lansing is a real gem. It’s small, light and easy to carry around. The stand folds into the unit and the connector pops in and out making for nice for travelling. The best part is it sounds quite good for its size and weight. All the music we threw at it came out loud and clear with decent bass. We also prefer rechargeable batteries in speakerdocks and the ones in this one last a long time. There is even an app that turns it into an alarm clock and others to control the device. It costs around $150.

SuperTooth Hands-Free Car Kit
You put this Bluetooth device on your car visor, tell it who to call and you’re hands-free. You can even stream music or podcasts through using A2DP. The device delivers a surprising loud and clear sound for something this size. Setup was a breeze and the device is easy to use. If you don’t have Bluetooth in your car or don’t like to use a headset then this could be the answer. It even works well as a speaker for your phone or speaker phone. You can buy one for around $60.
Easy Bloom Plant Sensor

This device will tell you which plants will grow in certain locations and help you diagnose plant problems. It sticks in the ground to measure things like sunlight and moisture and connects to a computer via USB to share its analysis. It only costs around $25.
Retrevo is a Great Holiday Gift
Don’t forget to check out Retrevo for all your gadget and gear needs this holiday season or all year ‘round. At Retrevo.com you’ll find reviews and manuals for all the latest electronics including HDTV, tablets, smartphones, laptops, cameras and more.

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I want Plantronics Voyager

I want Plantronics Voyager Pro HD.