Most Annoying Holiday Ringtones

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things about this time of year… granted I’m having a hard time remember what they are amid the chaos of Christmas shopping, the relentless inquiries into my love life by relatives I haven’t seen in eleven months, and the mind-numbing cold… but I’m sure they are there. Festive ringtones however, are not one of them. If I had it my Grinchy way then ALL holiday themed ringtones would make it on this list - but here are ten of the worst offenders.

Text Message Wish

You have to wait until the end for the gem that is Santa’s hearty, “Anytime, buddy!”

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

This is obnoxious because it’s one of the most delicate, haunting pieces of music ever written; massacred to be played from tinny, tiny speakers. Listen to the original and then listen to this and tell me you’re not outraged.

Sleigh Bells

Because who doesn't love the incessant and relentless sound of sleigh bells shaking and ringing for a solid minute.

‘O Christmas Tree Ringtone

O Christmas Tree is hands down the most annoying, ridiculous Christmas song of them all. Thus, the ringtone is equally irritating.

Frosty Rap

Frosty – you should NOT be rapping.

Jealous Reindeer

I had not realized that reindeer were from New Jersey. Explains a lot.

Holy Crap, Phone is Ringing

This one is annoying because the premise made me think it was going to be funny, and it could have been, if only the writers were more clever.

Happy New Year

A bunch of men shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” at you for forty seconds really kind of ruins the sentiment behind the phrase.

Good Christian Men, Rejoice

This another one that could have been good, but fizzles. It’s just the sound of bells ringing; I was hoping for a voice that would shout, “Good Christian Men, Rejoice!” Because that would scare quite a lot of people when your phone rang in a crowded shopping mall.

While The Shepherds Watched Their Flock

I’m pretty sure this is actually just two notes, out of tune. Or played on a harmonica by a chimp.

Doctor Demento
Jingle Bell Dogs

A classic in the annoying ringtone category, I’m sure some of you have already heard this one this season.

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