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Stocking Stuffers (LIST)
Looking for a memorable/unusual small gift (AKA stocking stuffer) for your geek? Well, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some awesome geek stocking stuffer ideas to make your shopping experience easier and considerably more cool. These range in price from pocket change to wildly extravagant, but for the most part they fall in under $50.
While the rest of this list is neatly categorized, some gift ideas just didn't fit anywhere else, so enjoy everything from the NinjaBread Cookie Cutters to the Super Magnetic Putty.

Plush Waterbear


8 Bit Oven Mitt

Zombie Survival Guide

Zagg USB Car Charger

Owi-535 Robotic Arm Edge Trainer

Plush Chewbacca Doll

Tea Actually Picked By Monkeys

Super Magnetic Putty
(just don't get it near your gadgets)

Retro Cell Phone Travel Case

Catapult Kit

My Robot Stepped on Your Honor Student, Bumper Sticker

The Plumbers
Wardrobe Poster

Dr. Who
Action Figure Set

Atari Mouse Pad
Let your fingers do the talking...

Thumb Wrestling Masks

Great Scientists Finger Puppet Set

Circuit Board Gloves
Here are some interesting "bar-themed" gifts to please your geek.

Pi Ice cube Trays

Hour Glass Wine Glasses

Pool Ball Bottle Stoppers

Penguin Corkscrew

Hour Glass Wine Glasse

(Okay, so this won't fit in a stocking, but it sure does look awesome!)

Cocktail Chemistry Set
All the gadgets that come with being geeky need a lot of looking after.

Chorma-Logical Order Clock

Lightsaber Room Light

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag Candy Jar

Recycled Desk Pendulum Clock

Gummi Bear
Themed Light

Pizza Lights
There are so many cool ways a geek can decorate their abode. We suggest the following gifts...

Cord Catch

Laptop Cleaning Brush

Kindle Coaster
Geeks need coffee too, perhaps more than most, and what better way to show your geek you care than with a classic geek mug?

CSS IS Awesome Mug

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

Mug/Cookie Container

Me Gusta Mug

Meh. Mug

Noodle Cup
Forget mittens, geeks need something way more cool!

InstaKilt Towel

USB Toast

Sesame Street Knit Wits Hats & Mittens
Geek shirts: One of the best ways to spot a geek from a distance.

Periodic Table of the Elements Shoes

Eat Sleep Code

Key Lime Pi

Chicken Pot Pi

Is it Plugged In?

Adventure Time Shirt

Pac Man Universe Shirt

Alf Shirt

Rockin' and Spockin' Shirt

May the Forest Be With You

Portal Shirt

Tardis stuffing

Electric Sheep Shirt

Dr. Whoville Hoodie

Serenity Sake

Fail Whale

Star Trek shirt

Mario & Princess Shirt

Prime Cuts of
Unicorn Shirt

Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya Shirt

Totro Hat
If you don’t have a collection of at least five flash drives lying around, then you’re not trying hard enough. These drives are set apart from the crowd.

Wine Cork
USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

Dr. Martens Flash Drives

Fried Shrimp

Flash For Your Keys
Colored cases are easy to come by these days, but the truly inspired geek needs a case that says more than just, "I’m purple and made of silicone."

Gorilla Pod
Cellphone Stand

The "Hand"
iPhone Case

The Hoodie
iPod Cover

The iPhone Lens Dial

The Woogie 2

Etch-a-Sketch iPhone Case
Is there a gadget-fan on your list who loves music? Well then, here are some unusual gifts that they'll probably want.

Ear Warmer

For Musicians,
the Pick Punch

Ear Muff

iCarta iPod Stereo Dock
& Bath Tissue Holde

Black Cat Headphones

Portable Roll-Up
Electric Piano
You CAN judge a book by its cover... or at least a gift, so make sure your unusual geeky stocking stuffers are wrapped with care. Here are some geeky wrapping paper designs we came across.

Pi Wrapping Paper

Wrap it in Minecraft Cobblestone Wrapping Paper

Geek Wrapping Paper

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