The Perfect Last Minute Present: How to Gift an App
Know someone who is getting a new phone for Christmas? Or did your neighbor bring over an unexpected box of toffee as a gift and you have nothing to give in return? Giving someone an app is a very easy, very budget-conscious way to give a small gift.

Gifting to an Apple User
You can gift the app directly from iTunes or on your iPad or iPhone. We recommend going through iTunes, only because it has a few more options that the others. For example, you can send the same app to different people and only go through the purchase process twice; you also have the option to print out the certificate rather than emailing it, which could be nice if you want to include it with a card or another gift. You will need the email address of the person to whom you want to send the app; don't worry, you don't need their phone number!

  1. Open iTunes to the App of your choice.
  2. There is an arrow to the right of the price, selecting this will bring down a list of options; click Gift this App.
  3. You will be asked for your information, and given the option of printing it out or emailing. You can also enter a short note for the recipient to read.
  4. If you want to email the app to more than one person, simply enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.
  5. Click Buy Gift. The recipient will be send an email with a link to download the app for free. Voila.
Remember that even though you yourself may not have an iDevice, you will need an iTunes account to purchase the app. This is free and easy to set up.
Gifting to an Android or Blackberry User
Gifting to an Android user is a bit different than an iOS user. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to gift a specific app. You can however, purchase an Appstore Gift Card for use at the Amazon App Store for Android.

The other option is a gift card at the Mobiroo store, which supplies both Android and Blackberry apps. This website is a bit smaller than the Amazon store, but they have all the big, reputable apps.

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