From vibrating razor to Yoga laptop; day one at CES 2012
The day before the show officially opens is among other thing press conference day and Steve Ballmer keynote night neither of which yielded any major surprises. One of the big events of the show is the press only event called Digital Experience or Pepcom where it seemed like close to 100 exhibitors including big companies like HP along with startups. Here are some products that caught our attention for one reason or another.
Lenovo Yoga is Very Flexible
Lenovo announced a new product they call Yoga. It’s so flexible the display flips around and the whole thing turns into a tablet. It has a touchscreen display and was running Windows 8 whose Metro UI works well with touch commands.
New Logitech Mouse
It’s called the Cube mouse; it’s more rectangular in shape but who cares because it’s a pretty nifty device albeit a little on the pricey side. It’s a tiny mouse with a touch sensitive surface and when you pick it up it becomes a pointing device.
Schick Vibrating Razor
Another product unveiled at CES this year is what Schick is saying is the first vibrating razor. Similar in looks to a vibrating toothbrush this $10 razor is supposed to give you a closer shave and they have some special shaving cream to go with it.

Maytag Oven is Easier to Clean

There was both a Maytag booth and a Whirlpool booth at Pepcom. Maytag showed an oven with some new material that is supposed to make baked on things very easy to get off.
Netgear Router Has Its Own Storage
We were glad to see both Netgear and D-Link showing off their new routers because we feel it’s time the underappreciated router gets to come out of the closet and have a moment in the sun. These new routers are easy to set up offer improvements in performance and this one has built in NAS storage.
Logitech Webcam
We were always been big fans of the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, a $99 webcam that offered great image quality. The new top-of-the-line webcam from Logitech named the c920 looks nice and looks like it performs well too especially at 1080p resolution.
iRobot Roams the Floor
The iRobot folks had a fun demo of a roving robot that received its instructions on where to go via an iPad app.
GoPro Goes Wireless
There were some interesting things to see at the GoPro booth including a GoPro 3D rig that uses two cameras and a very cool new wireless product that turns GoPro cameras into streaming cameras that can be controlled remotely.

Audiobulb Wireless Speakers
It’s a very clever idea; you build wireless speakers into light bulbs and you don’t have to worry about running wires or finding power for wireless speakers.
GE Cameras
This one must have eluded us all these years, but you have to admit you don’t necessarily think of cameras when you hear the name GE. We’ll have to look them up on Retrevo to see if they are a great a value as the folks at GE claim.

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Really looking forward to the GoPro Wireless.

Really looking forward to the GoPro Wireless. It gets a little tiring having to press the tiny record button on and off over and over. Especially when you've rigged it on hard to reach places.

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It is quite a neat idea to have bite-sized video clips

It is quite a neat idea to have bite-sized video clips to the right of equally compact copy. Too bad the Logitech mouse doesn't have a supporting clip. That would have been a really interesting video!

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vibrating razor is an old idea

Had a vibrating razor many (many) years ago - not sure that it really warrants a special mention at CES.
Wish I could remember the manufacturer :-(

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vibrating razor at CES

They were giving out free samples at the show and I have to admit, it's a nice razor but so far I'm not sure how much the vibrations help. The news here was that Schick decided to introduce their new razor at a tech conference.

vibrating razor

you can get a vibrating Gillette Fusion, but it's only one speed