Amazing iPhone camera rig, cool new car tech and more CES news - CES 2012 Day Two
Today was the official opening day at CES and the crowds showed up as expected. I started my day at the Intel booth and ended up at Showstoppers which is another press only event in the evening. As always there was a lot to see and some very cool new technology like new car tech and of course the new 55-inch OLED TV which was on display showing passive 3D at the LG booth. Here are videos of some things that caught our eye.
Intel Life Forms Exhibit
Every year Intel has some amazing demonstration that is powered by one or two of their multi-core processors. This year they had some 3D scanners that turned whatever you put under them into a “life form” that “evolved” and interacted with other life forms.
Robots in the Korean Pavilion
One of our favorite past times at CES is to wander the aisles of the Far East pavilions where you find everything from high tech flashlights to these robotic toys.
The New Improved Auto Pavilion
In past years if you ventured into the auto pavilion you would be assaulted by the loudest car audio gear you ever heard. This year the seamier side of auto aftermarket products has given way to new car tech booths including an impressive brightly lit Audi booth, a classy Mercedes Benz booth, a Ford booth emphasizing the connected car and others including this KIA booth.

New Head Up Car Display

Among the new car tech was this interesting display from Pioneer not due in the U.S. until 2013. It projects information on a clear piece of plastic.
Future Technology Demo By Microsoft
Microsoft showed a demo of an application that used a Kinect to create a virtual wardrobe for the demonstrator who grabbed different articles of clothing that became part of her outfit.
Very Cool New iPhone Case
At Showstoppers we saw a very interesting iPhone case from a company called Lifeproof. It’s a case that fits tightly around your iPhone and protects it against water and impact. This might be just the case to use on your next vacation.
All Glass Laptop From HP
HP was showing off their stylish Envy Spectre which is made of impact resistant glass. It’s a little on the heavy side but is a real power house with some nice features.
Almost DSLR Plus A Very Cool Camera Rig
At Showstoppers we ran into Josh Smith from GottabBeMobile who had an amazing camera rig built around an iPhone. He describes all the components in this video including a $2 app that makes it all possible.

Snapcuts Looks Like a Fun App
If you are interested in livening up a message with some multimedia you might want to check out this fun app called Snapcuts. You grab media clips like clip art and create a message using them. Here’s a demo from Showstoppers

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