Six Things We Wish Apple Would Announce
At the Apple event on Wednesday, March 7th Apple introduced the latest iPad. There’s no question this is going to be a popular product with its high resolution display and 4G connectivity option. With all the gushing over the new iPad we came up with a list of a few things we would have liked to have seen Apple introduce at this event or some other event in the future.
Better Streaming Content
Now that the iPad has gone “HD” how about giving us some better things to watch on it? For starters we’d like to see first run movies and same day TV shows? Couldn’t Apple at least work out a deal to get us the Daily Show on the day it comes out? We’re sure Apple wishes they could as well. We hope that Apple can still make the same kinds of deals Steve Jobs was able to make with the studios.
A Smaller, Cheaper iPad Mini
the Pixels

Now that you can get last year’s iPad for $399 we would sure like to be able to buy a tablet closer in price range to the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. How about a 7 or 8-inch tablet for less than $300?

A Real Apple TV

We’ll cut Apple some slack on this one because we believe in the rumors that Apple is preparing an “iTV” for release sometime this year but that doesn’t change the fact that we think an Apple produced TV makes a lot of sense and besides Steve said he had cracked the code on a really friendly TV.
Improved Factory Conditions in China
Yes, we understand that Apple is only one of many companies who use manufacturing facilities in China to make their products but that doesn’t mean that Apple with its $100B in the bank couldn't use some of that money and their influence to improve working conditions in some of these factories and keep us Apple fans from feeling guilty when we buy an Apple product.

Contactless Charging

If there is one thing HP/Palm made really easy on their WebOS devices like the Touchpad was recharging them. Instead of having to plug in a charger the Touchpad would charge inductively when in contact with its stand. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do something similar with an Apple device?
NFC Contactless Connections
Speaking of contactless technology, when are we going to see Near Field Communication (NFC) on Apple mobile devices? Maybe it’s still too soon for mobile wallets but making things happen or connecting to devices by tapping them together makes a lot of sense. What if you could tap your tablet on your TV to make an AirPlay connection, doesn’t that sound like fun?

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