Lenovo Shows Off New Carbon Fiber Laptop and More Cool Stuff

Retrevo was on hand at a recent Lenovo event where they showed off a lot of new computers including a super lightweight 14-inch laptop called the Thinkpad X1 Carbon which is made out of carbon fiber. It weighs less than 3 pounds which is close to the 2.96 pound 13-inch MacBook Air. The new X1 features some of Lenovo's "rapid" technology including a superfast boot-up time and the ability to pick up an 80% charge in around 30 minutes. In addition, the Thinkpad features their backlit keyboard and also includes 3G connectivity for times when Wi-Fi is not available. The price for the new X1 hasn't been announced but we don't expect it to be cheap when it goes on sale in June.
Lots of Other Lenovo Laptops AnnouncedLenovo unleashed a slew of new laptops at the same time as its new X1 Carbon. There appears to be a laptop for every user and budget from the sub-$1,000 Thinkpad L430 to a high-end gaming laptop called the W530 which will sell for around $1500.
Lenovo CES Intros Are About to Ship

We saw a lot of cool products from Lenovo at this year's CES. One in particular was the Yoga laptop that has a touchscreen display in a laptop whose cover folds back around turning the laptop into a tablet. It will run Windows 8 whose Metro UI is well suited for a touchscreen display.

New Lenovo Desktops

Lenovo also showed off a new all-in-one desktop computer along with a very compact computer. Here is a video of the desktop product manager explaining what makes them cool.

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