Some Reasons Why You Want Jelly Bean on Your Android Device
The Nexus 7 tablet is available to order now (they say it will ship in a few days or weeks depending on which version you buy) and runs the latest version of Android which is version 4.1 and also referred to as Jelly Bean. The highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S III which runs the previous version of Android (4.0) called Ice Cream Sandwich will most likely get an update to Jelly Bean but it may not happen until the end of the year or early in 2013. Jelly Bean is expected to improve performance and responsiveness through "predictive" algorithms (see Project Butter). It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S will be some of the first devices to get Jelly Bean. Here are some other reasons why you want to make sure your next Android device will run Jelly Bean.

Google Chrome Will Be the Default BrowserNot only can you now run the speedy and tab-enabled Chrome browser in iOS but in Jelly Bean it will become the default browser instead of Android Browser which was the browser in previous versions of Android.

Google NowGoogle Now claims to be "one step ahead" of your information needs. It integrates location-based data, your search history and other relevant data to make an educated guess about what you might need to now.

Camera App is New and ImprovedThe latest version of Google's camera app provides faster access to photos and better use of gesture controls to manage them.

Improved Voice SearchAlthough Siri can be useful often it is hit or miss. Its "knowledge graph" is, in part, powered by Wolfram Alpha which is quite powerful but Google may have a vaster resource to draw upon. Google's latest voice search feature is powered by its own knowledge graph which returns a Google-quality search result in response to a voice query.

New Android Beam FeaturesThere are two cool new features in Android beam. You can send a photo or video by tapping two phones together and you can pair your phone with an NFC enabled device by tapping them.

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