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Clever Use of LED Display Creates See-Through Mercedes
Mercedes Benz covers car with LEDs and displays what is on the other side of the car rendering it "invisible."

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IN James Bond Movie

Was it the Vanquish in James Bond that had one of these.

Better Uses

While it is pretty neat, if it is indeed real and not a video simulation, an invisible car is the last thing anyone would actually want! Anyone who could develope such technology should be able to think of better uses for such a device. Military applications comes to mind. A Navy Seals boat? The bottom side of an airplane? The LED covered van would make a very stunning display for advertisements or just constantly changing colors, or an ambulance that flashes red all over!

Silly PR prank. If you

Silly PR prank. If you stand just a little to one side, the image won't line up with the background and the entire effect would be ruined. Clearly this is just an attempt at forced viral video.