More Videos from CES 2013
Here’s a collection of interesting products from small companies that we saw in the Eureka pavilion and on the show floor.
Charge Card

Hree's an iPhone USB cable flattened into a credit card-sized product
Christie Street

Some interesting products from Christie Street including a battery operated, Wi-Fi enabled doorbell called doorbot, some cute Bluetooth headsets and a backpack with built-in battery pack from a company called Tylt.

Robotic educational toy called Cubelets that have different sensors which make it do interesting things.
Damson Pearl

A Bluetooth speaker that uses the surface it's on to increase its sound.

Interesting holder for your phone that sits on the dashboard of your car.

They call it "twitter for doodlers" See for yourself.

We posted another video of this product showing Thomas Edison talking in the mist. It's called Displair and here's how it works.

A novel product that suctions on the back of a tablet and acts as a handle and a stand.

An affordable roving robot that is powered by an iPad.
Rotor Concept

A very cool "mini-drone" that has an autopilot so you don't really need to know how to fly.

Ever wonder how high you on anyone else can jump? Well here's the product for you.
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