Video of the Week

A Taste of 4K Video on Your Computer

(skip to 3-1/2 min, watch in fullscreen and make sure quality is set to "original")

If you have a fast Internet connection, a fast computer, high performance graphics and a high resolution monitor you can get a feel for how clear and sharp 4K video is going to be. We suggest jumping head 3 ½ minutes to the sky diving part.

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nice one man

How do you get the free 25GB storage? I previously had 25GB from being a long time Hotmail user, but shortly after that, my account was locked due to "suspicion of compromise", and all methods of recovery were useless to me. I had to start a new account and only got 7GB free.

"Original" not an option for some reason. 1080 was the highest.

I have everything I should need to view this in 4K, but "Original" didn't even show up as a video quality option on my YouTube window. There were several choices, all the way up to 1080, which I chose. I was viewing it in Firefox, and am going to try again in Chrome to see if that makes any difference.

4k video?

I had the same experience. I think the key is the requirement for a high resolution monitor. My monitor is only 1920x1200 max and there is no possible way it could display a 4k image.