A little before mid-night on Nov 18, Retrevo launched its next big innovation. This innovation dramatically simplifies gadget (electronics) shopping for masses. You see, consumer electronics category is inundated with constant technological innovation, price changes and obsolescence. It is daunting to take the shopping journey even for the tech-savvy consumers. You don't know where to start and when you do manage to start the journey and zoom into a set of products that meet your brand and feature preference, you are never sure which product delivers a good bang for the buck. So earlier this year, we set out the challenge to simplfy the electronics shopping for masses. The result, Retrevo's Product Advisor that gives you value-based shopping just in time for the holiday season. Retrevo's Product Advisor analyzes millions of features and prices on electronics products, assigns a fair value to every selling product out there and helps you quickly identify the products that are good bang for the buck (are good values) for your brand and feature preference. This combined with an overall community sentiment rating (from experts and users) accelerates your shopping journey. Whether you have been eyeing an HDTV this holiday season or thinking about a Digital Camera or Camcorder for those precious moments with kids, shopping has become engaging and fun again. Our scientists achieved what very few believed would work beyond the complex financial instruments and derivatives.

So, what's the best part about working at a startup? It is not avoiding the corporate bureaucracy. It is not the adrenaline rush resulting from fast-pace, chaos and uncertainty. It is working with a group of people who are passionate. Who are smart. Who are not afraid of experimenting. Who take every challenge as if there is no tomorrow. Who like to challenge the status-quo and push the limits. I am proud of being part of such a team here at Retrevo. This team is as energized as ever after our newest release. And they won't stop at anything short of building the best destination for all your shopping and support needs around electronics products. Products that have become an integral part of our digital lifestyle. And this is the best part about working at a startup!

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