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The big screen may be the center of attention at your Super Bowl party but these days, in this high tech world of high speed internet connections, other gadgets and gear may be carry supporting roles for a memorable Super Bowl Sunday. Here is a list of some additional gear to consider.

1. Laptop
laptops According to CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association, 18 percent of Super Bowl viewers will have a laptop handy to look up stats, message friends and check in with online betting sites. After the game, CEA found that many viewers plan to spend some time online, following the broadcast, to view highlights or memorable Super Bowl commercials.

2. Mobile Device
Sports fans who don't have a laptop handy may run back and forth to their desktop to check stats while others will use their smartphones. ESPN has an iPhone app and NFL has lots of mobile content.

3. Camcorder
This year you can capture the highlights at your Super Bowl party in high definition. The Flip Mino HD costs around $229. It’s smaller than a deck of cards, and the flip-out USB connector and built-in software makes it super easy to post videos to YouTube.

If the Flip is too basic for you, try the Canon VIXIA HF100 for around $600 or the Sony Handycam HDR-UX7 also for around $600.

5. Generator
This is the season of ice storms and power outages. Most big screen TVs use considerably less than a kilowatt of power. Honda makes a great 1000 watt portable generator that is relatively quiet and costs around $800, the 2 kilowatt version that could also help keep the beer cold, might be the better buy for around $1,000.

6. HD Antenna
If the power goes out chances are your cable connection may be down too. If you live somewhere close to the transmission towers, a reasonably priced antenna will allow you to receive an HD signal from your local NBC station. You may find it looks so nice you might be tempted to cancel the cable service entirely.

7. Rock Band or Guitar Hero
While you're waiting for the game to start or if you want to make your own half time show there's always Rock Band. Bruce Springsteen will perform at halftime during this year’s Super Bowl. Activision is releasing two Bruce Springsteen tracks, “My Lucky Day,” and “Born to Run,” as downloadable content for the PS3, XBox360 and the Wii.

Retrevo Not Just About the Super Bowl
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