By Andrew Eisner

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Sure, you could give your sweetheart flowers, candy, jewelry, or some sexy lingerie but why not consider getting that special person something thoughtful that will say, "I Love You," all year 'round?

Color Me Pink for iValentine’s Day
First, there are the obvious Valentine gadget gifts like just about anything from Apple. An iPod Nano in all its glorious color choices would be a great gift. Pink iPods could also be very popular this year. If you prefer a Microsoft player, you can get a free engraving on a red Microsoft Zune
If you do go with an MP3 player, why not sweeten the gift with an iTunes gift card or load up the player with some great love songs?

You Ought to Be in a Picture Frame
A digital picture frame loaded up with pictures of romantic adventures of the two of you (no, not the ones you’re thinking) would go nicely on any office desk, bureau, or mantle. If you can't spend the $100 – $200 for a good 10" frame like the Kodak EasyShare M1020 you can always get a keychain frame like the Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Keychain for a very reasonable $12.66 on amazon.com.

More Pink Gadgets
MSI has a pink version of the Wind U100 netbook. The special edition Vivienne Tam netbook from HP is a very stylish laptop that gets good reviews.

If Not Pink, Than Green (or chocolate)
If you're into novelty gifts, here are a couple of romantic "green," gifts; when these plants start to grow, a special message appears. The Magic Bean – I Love You costs around $10. The Magic Egg Plant costs a few dollars more.

For $19.95, you can get a pair of chocolate Wii avatars called Chocomiis from Paul Pape Designs.

Bring on the Bling
Philips and Swarovski have produced a line of bejeweled USB flash drives and headsets that could make for a special high tech bling’ed out Valentine’s Day.
The 1 GB Heart Ware Vitrail Light USB Memory Key is a heart pendant on a pink silk cord. It costs $180.00. The Lock In USB flash drive locks like a lock and costs $210 while the the Swarovski Heart Beat goes for $180.

Retrevo is a Heartbeat Away
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