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The problem: too much information! It comes at you from all directions, blogs, videos, newspapers, twitter, radio, and TV. There’s a lot of good stuff and you don’t want to miss that important story or funny video. What’s a tech news addict to do?

The solution: Guy Kawasaki and company offers Alltop for Gadgets. It’s like cliff notes for tech info. Alltop is an eyeful in its own right but it does offer a concentrated dose of news on one page.

Alltop does a good job of selecting the cream of the crop in information sources for gadgets and other topics. You can customize the site by adding or removing feeds from individual sources. It’s a pretty text intensive experience but if you’re looking for just the facts ma’am or lots of signal with little noise than Alltop is just the place for you.

Of course, if we do say so ourselves, Retrevo does a pretty good job of cutting through the hype to deliver great info for buying and using electronics.

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