By Andrew Eisner

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Do you know which products waste the most energy?
Electronics products can be green for many reasons including the materials used in the device, manufacturing process, and packaging. However, one of the best things a product can do for the environment is use less energy.

Unfortunately some of the more popular home electronics are the biggest energy users. Bigger screen TVs use more energy than smaller screen ones however, flat panel TVs use less energy than old CRT TVs. Big Plasma TVs can use over 400 watts of power.

Game consoles are another power drain in American households. Not only do the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 use over 100 watts but many game consoles are never turned off. According to a study by the NRDC users either forget to turn off the console when they turn off their TV or they leave the console on because there is no way to save the game. The result is a huge waste of energy.

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