By Jennifer Jacobson

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Don't buy Newlyweds, an MP3 Player

Do you know someone who is getting married? Avoid social humiliation, and think twice before getting them an iPod, or any other MP3 player for that matter.

While Apple’s iPod is still the hottest gadget in the MP3 world with a recent Piper Jaffray study indicating 100% of teens will buy an iPod and no other MP3 player, no one seems to want one as a wedding gift. A new study by Retrevo reveals that only 2% of people would actually want any kind of MP3 player as a wedding gift.

If iPods are one of the hottest gadgets in recent history, then why the large gap? Our assessment is: In the traditional sense, wedding gifts are usually practical, coveted, or sentimental items that the couple can share,. Wedding gifts are intended to help the couple in this new phase of their life. Not only do most newlyweds already have one, but it’s a gadget that tends to isolate the people rather than bring them together. The bottom line; if you’re going to give someone a wedding gift, don’t buy an iPod.

The same Retrevo study, found that consumer electronics are more popular than appliances or other gifts. Click here to find out why the Camcorder is the new Blender.

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iPod as a wedding gift

I think the conclusion made in your article misses the obvious. Most newlyweds are old enough that they probably already own 2 or 3 mp3 players, and it is just not an item that they need.