By Andrew Eisner

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Pictures of discolored white iPhones are appearing online. Users are reporting their new iPhones feel warmer than they think they should. Is it a battery problem, a 3.0 OS power management problem, a battery problem, an operator problem, or no problem at all? So far Apple is just telling owners to keep their cool (that is their iPhones) and not to operate them outside the recommended temperature ranges.

Apple has had battery problems before with Sony manufactured batteries in PowerBooks. So naturally everyone is quick to jump to conclusions. If it turns out to indeed be a battery problem expect an iPhone recall. Stay tuned.

In the meantime some recommendations for keeping your iPhone cool include:
Be careful about third party cases especially silicone ones that may not provide adequate ventilation.

Don’t leave the iPhone in a car in a hot day. This is good advice in general since it also keeps it from getting stolen.

Don’t use it under pillows or blankets for extended periods.

On the other hand, the iPhone will shut down and issue a warning if the inside temperature reaches 113 degrees, so there is some built-in protection against overheating and damage.

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