Highest Rated HD Camcorders That Almost Fit in Your Pocket

Okay, so you might need a big pocket for these one pound camcorders but once you see your HD video on a high def TV you'll never want to go back to standard definition again. Here are some highly rated light weight HD camcorders.

1. Canon HV-20 A lot of HD camcorder for the $800 you'll pay for this. It weighs 1.2 lbs and gets high markes from experts and users

2. Sony HDR-HC7 It weighs 1.2 lbs and store video to good old mini DV tapes in HDV format.

2. Panasonic-HDC-SD1 A CCD camcorder in less than a pound. It records AVCHD video to SD flash memory cards.

4. Sanyo VPC-HD1 This $500 camera fits in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately reviewers are mostly unimpressed.

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