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Read/WriteWebRetrevo - What Vertical Search Will Become .. because it uses sophisticated
mining and crawling technologies …. more

Wired NewsRetrevo: a Google for Gadgets … There are two reasons
to use Retrevo instead of the more popular engines …. more

Read/WriteWebRetrevo innovates in consumer electronics search .. Retrevo drums the beat of
vertical search louder than others – it knows its space, context and
semantics very very well …. more

PC World: Technology Advice You Can TrustMore from DEMO: Retrevo's Gadget
.. Retrevo has a nifty preview pane .. you can search
within the documentation for products .. e-mail search results to other folks
…. more

logo.szuper.info.hu/pic/logo/z/zdnet_33739.jpgRetrevo tackles consumer electronics search .. The company applies semantic
analysis and clustering and classification technology to more precisely
deliver query results…. more


The Software Retrevo releases Search Widget for
consumer electronics
info .. a search widget that will
Abstraction Blog make it
easy for bloggers to integrate this search capability directly into their
blog …. more

Venture Beat Retrevo offers gadget search engine .. If you have say, a problem connecting your Sony
camcorder to your TV, you can
do this search
, and Retrevo will give you search results that include a
page directly from Sony’s guide book, in a preview section .. more

Spectrum Magazine OnlineRetrevo releases Search Widget for
consumer electronics
info .. I spent over an hour scouring the
Internet for a solution beyond "take the car to an authorized service
center." .. Retrevo found that deeply buried answer in a forum in about
five seconds …. more

TechCrunchAn aggregate review of aggregate
review services
.. Retrevo was selected to launch at DEMO yesterday and
it’s pretty cool…. more

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