By Andrew Eisner

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This year, a solar power gadget gift could be beneficial on many levels; not only would you be doing your part for the environment but you could save a few bucks on electricity while you’re at it. Here are some fun and inexpensive solar power gadgets that could make perfect gifts.

Solar Chargers
These chargers have internal batteries that can be charged by the solar cells or USB (plug-in) power. They will hold a charge for a months and can be used to power or charge anything from a cell phone to an iPod. The three-paneled Solio Classic costs $99, the Solio Hybrid 1000 costs around $79, and the newer, lighter weight, extra rugged magnesium charger costs around $169.

Solar or Hand Crank Powered Radio
For $29.95 you can buy the techie in your life this very cool combination radio, cellphone charger, flashlight that works off a built-in rechargeable battery, solar power, or a hand crank. The Eton FR150 is available from REI among other places

iPhone Power Pack
For about $50 you can buy an iPhone case that works for both 2G and 3G phones that includes a solar charger. They claim you can charge an iPhone in 3 hours.

Solar Powered Bluetooth
The Iqua Visor SUN is a Bluetooth handsfree speaker phone for the car that clips on to the visor and uses solar power to recharge it. The Visor costs around $70 while the Iqua 603 Sun Bluetooth headset costs around $70.

Solar iPod Speaker
The PowerTraveller K300ST Solar iPod Speaker runs off batteries, an AC power as well as solar power. It won’t win any awards for sound quality but for about 100 pounds (oh did we mention you may have to buy it from a British reseller) you can have the greenest iPod in town. PwerTraveller also makes other solar chargers like the powermonkey-eXplorer good for charging all your devices.

Solar Powered Toys
The “Frightened Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug,” sits there and shivers from fright. It costs a mere $10.35 on amazon.com. Users say it’s a bit fragile. Elenco Electronics also makes a “Happy Hopping,” frog which sells for $14.25. A solar robot from Uncle Milton walks around and costs about $12.

You can charge your MP3 player or cell phone while you ski down the slopes with this designer jacket from Ermenegildo Zegna that includes solar panels built into the collar. Not exactly “affordable,” it costs over $1,000, a lot more than a spare battery or portable charger.

Retrevo for Green Gadgets
Don’t forget to research all your green gadget purchases on Retrevo where you’ll find manuals and reviews for all the latest green gear including HDTV, GPS, Laptops, and more.
If you find articles such as this to be interesting read, you can subscribe to our RSS Feed. Thanks for visiting Retrevo.
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