Retrevo's Special Report

Mother's Day High Tech Buying Guide

Gadgets for Mom

Nothing says "I love you, Mom," more than a useful gadget. Whether it's something to capture memories, help her find her way, or let hergroove to her favorite music, you may want to join the thousands of husbands and children giving Mom something more special, and longer lastingthan flowers and chocolate.  read more »


Special Report: Working from the Ballpark

Best Gadgets for Mobile Computing

It's a beautiful spring afternoon, the team is in town, and you're stuck at the office answering emails and reviewing proposals. Between WiFi at the park and high speed wireless phone access, it's possible tobe awayfrom the office for a few hours without being out of touch. In this report the Retrevo gadget expertsrecommend some greatproducts for remote computing and emailing on handheldsandother smallportable devices.


Enterprise or Individual

Hooking up your mobile device to corporate  read more »


Special Report: Best Cameras for Sporting Events

Capture the Game

This is the third part of our series were calling, "Follow the Game." In part one, we looked at the best HDTV displays for watching the game. Part two covered the best gadgets to take to the game and in this report we look at the best cameras to capture the game. Whetherit's thekid's little league or soccer game or the Dodger's season opener, taking picturesat the game creates extra demands on todays cameras. Youre going to want the camera to react fast an  read more »


Special Report: Gadgets at the Game

Inside the Park, High Tech, Home Runs

From baseball stats on WiFi-enabled handhelds to optically stabilized binoculars, the Retrevo gadget experts have rounded up some of the latest devices to make your next trip to the ball park a better experience. As more stadiums add Wi-Fi networks, access to the Internet inside the park will get you stats, trivia, audio and video streams, and even a beer and a hot dog. You have several choices in this department including Wi-Fi enabled laptops, handhelds, or cell phones. High speed phone networks like EDGE, EV-DO,  read more »


Special Report: What's The Best High Def TV For March Madness?

Its that time of year again. College basketballs March Madness brackets are loaded and in play. The next best thing to being at the games is watching them on a high definition TV. In 'Swanni's 10 Best Sports In HDTV,' Phil Swann says 'Watching a player shoot a crucial foul shot in high-def is both dramatic and cringe-inducing.  read more »