Retrevo's Special Report

New and Cool Gadgets of the Week

For this edition of New and Cool, we selected a hot new DSLR, a new Panasonic camcorder with a new type of sensor, and some other new and shiny gadgets.  read more »


New and Cool Gadgets of the Week

New and Cool Gadgets and Gear

For this edition of New and Cool, we selected some new cameras, console games, and an update on the much anticipated laser-based rear projection TV from Mitsubishi.  read more »


Bluetooth Headset Roundup

 By Andrew Eisner

In case you’re one of lucky ones to have gotten away without getting pulled over for not using a hands free device while calling and driving in California, New Jersey, New York and other states, now may be a good time to invest in a Bluetooth headset for your cell phone.  read more »


iPhone 3G - The Honeymoon is Over

Seven Common Complaints From iPhone Users

By Andrew Eisner

We created a little controversy when we put together a list of reasons why the new iPhone was not as perfect as Steve Jobs would lead you to believe. Here we are over one month after the iPhone 3G first went on sale and we thought we’d see what users had to say about their experiences so far.  read more »


Are You a BlackBerry Addict?

By: Caroline Wilbert Article courtesy of DivineCaroline

We all know them: BlackBerry addicts.

They glance down at their laps during lunches, dinners, meetings. Their hands are hidden by a table but their upper arms are moving ever so slightly—enough that you know what their thumbs are doing.

My husband is one of the worst. I often wake up in the morning—before 6 a.m.—to see him lying on his back, his face awash in a neon green glow, his thumbs typing furiously at the contraption just inches above his nose.

One night, during a special holiday dinner at arguably the nicest restaurant in our city, I busted him checking his messages. It was Saturday night. We were dropping well over a hundred bucks on the meal.

You have a problem, I told him.

I was just making sure the babysitter hadn’t called, he lied. An addict will do and say anything to get his fix.  read more »